The table

Full Throttle! We love wood, but we have petrol running in our veins. Our second table series was not powered by the comfortable ambience of wood but by the brute force of a V8 engine.

The con rods are firmly mounted on the powder-coated engine block. The con rods are tooled with 8 individually created “skull-pistons”. The table top is made of a 8 mm safety glas with polished edges. The table top gets laser or hand-engraved  – the way you want it!

The production

The basis of our table is an original V8 engin, consisting of an engine block, 8 pistons and the con rods. All parts are specially cleaned, deburried and glas beads blasted.

The engine block  is furnished with new threads after the blasting process to attach the con rods and the table lags to the body. After putting the parts together the table gets tested, to ensure it is free from defects. In the last step the table gets dismantled and the engine block gets its final coating.

The “skull-pistons” are handmade unicums. They are made of a special ceramiccompo. It takes several steps to finish this high quality design parts.

An individual shapeable table top made of glas completes the Full Throttle V8 motor table.

There are several colours and table top shapes comin` up!

The sale

The tables “FullThrottle” are exclusively available from us. If you’re interested in our current range just get in contact with us. We are looking forward to your inquiry.

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At a look

  • Original V8 engine block, powder-coated
  • skull-pistons, iindividually created
  • safety glas table top, awkward or oval, 8mm, polished edges
    (recommended measurement: 120 x 70 cm)
  • engraving: laser or hand-engraved
  • table measurements: (l x w x h): 60 x 60 x 40-60 cm (height may vary)
  • weight: ca. 70 – 80 kg

Price on request

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