Who we are

StoneColdCoffin – We stand for individual Design! We are tattoo and design lovers just like you are. The lack of creative furniture in the standard mass consumer markets inspired us to create „StoneColdCoffin”. In cooperation with designers, tattoo artists and carpenters we design furniture you’d fail to find elsewhere.

Our goal is not to create furniture for the masses but to create furniture the will kick your asses!

Matze & Tanja


What we do

We design and manufacture custom furniture. These are either produced in a limited edition or designed and manufactured according to the customers wishes. Our furniture create a synthesis of traditional craftsmanship, modern production techniques and stylistic elements from the fields of tattoo and art.
The focus is on wood. Why wood? This natural material offers endless possibilities for creative design in the field of 3D designs. In addition to wood materials such as stone, glass and metal also find their place in our furniture.


Our furniture



First Strike

 With the goal to design and manufacture tables which are not available anywhere else, together with our designers we designed these tables made of oak. The initial focus were the legs. These are designed by our designers exclusively for us. As inspiration served timeless tattoo designs and the H.R. Giger. Through traditional craft methods, the first prototypes were created and prepared by the latest 3D scans for production.

 More information about the tables. 


Aktuelles Lagerprogramm

Tisch: FirstStrike


  • Asteiche geölt mit Baumkante
  • Aufwändige Tischbeine
  • Gelasertes „SCC“ – Logo auf der Oberfläche in verschiedenen Ausführungen
  • Einlegeplatte aus 6 mm Parsolglas in grau
    Maße: (L x B): 80 x 46 cm
  • Tischmaße: (L x B x H): ca. 115 x 70 x 43 cm

2.299,- € (inkl. MwSt.)

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Verfügbare Artikel

Tisch 1


Tisch 2 – VERKAUFT!!!


Tisch 3


Tisch 4


Tisch 5


Tisch 6


Tisch 7


Tisch 8 – VERKAUFT!!!



Tisch: FullThrottle


  • Original V8 Motorblock, pulverbeschichtet
  • Skull-Kolben, individuell handgefertigt
  • ESG-Glasplatte eckig oder oval, Stärke 8mm, Kanten poliert
    (empfohlendes Grundmaß: 120 x 70 cm)
  • Gravur: Laser- oder Handgravur je nach Kundenwunsch
  • Tischmaße: (L x B x H): 60 x 60 x 40-60 cm (Tischhöhe variabel)
  • Gewicht: ca. 70 – 80 kg

2.299,- € (inkl. MwSt.)

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Lampe: HangOver – VERKAUFT!!!


  • Asteiche geölt mit Baumkante
  • Schwarze Temperguss-Elemente
  • Gelasertes „SCC“ – Logo auf der Oberfläche
  • Verchromte Fassungen
  • Variables Seilsystem
  • Maße: (L x B x H): individuell
  • Gewicht: ca. 7 – 10 kg

649,- € (inkl. MwSt.)

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hangover-J22A0360-Bearbeitet-5760 x 3840

Lampe 1

hangover-J22A0352-Bearbeitet-5760 x 3840


Skulptur: BurnOut


  • Lichtskulptur
  • Esche natur ausgebrannt
  • Markante Oberfläche mit Kettensäge bearbeitet
  • Gelasertes SCC Logo auf Eisenbeschlägen
  • Maße: (H x D): ca. 190 x 50 cm
  • Gewicht: ca. 110 kg

1.299,- € (inkl. MwSt.)

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burnout-J22A6425 als Smartobjekt-1-3737 x 5606

Skulptur 1

burnout-J22A6425 als Smartobjekt-1-3737 x 5606


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